How is our buff stone quarried?

Stone is quarried using many of the same techniques from years ago. We blast the stone into more manageable pieces with explosives and then move it with heavy–duty loaders and cut it into more useful shapes.

Cat loaders bringing rough stones out of the quarry.

Moving the uncut stones

Our operators move the stones quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to wait long for your custom order to be filled.
View larger loader

A rough cut block of Colorado buff stone.

Cutting buff stone blocks

Our stone can be ordered and cut into various sizes. Please call our front office to discuss standard or custom sizes for your next project.
View larger stone blocks

Stack of thin veneer flagstone.

Sprague has flagstone

We also offer flagstone as a complement to our standard Colorado buff stone. Our flagstone offers many of the same custom options as the buff stone.
View larger cut flagstone

Square patio paver stones.

Making square cuts

Our square cut stones are perfect for patio squares and pavers. They also make an attractive zero-scape option.
View larger square cuts

Palette of stones cut for steps.

Great for steps, too

Our stone is suitable for all types of steps, paving stones and benches. The natural beauty and toughness ensure a lifetime of use.
View larger palette of stepping stones

Ready to order?

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Take a tour?

If you’re ordering stone, why not take a tour of the quarry. We’re in Masonville, Colorado and Matt or Mandy would be happy to show you around.